Hi!  My name is Dustie Meads, and I'm a 50 something year old ex REALTORŪ (ok..so the picture above was taken when I was 40 something,  but I'm allowed to do that, I'm the webmaster).  When that picture was taken I was an active REALTORŪ in Joplin, Missouri where I was a member of the Lifetime Million Dollar club (I was one of the last inductees before they discontinued the Million Dollar Club distinction), and active in our local board of REALTORSŪ.  

That was also about the time that I began to explore the internet.  It wasn't long before I found myself spending an exorbitant amount of time on my computer, (much to the chagrin of both my broker and my husband).

I immediately recognized the potential for reaching buyers and sellers through a Real Estate website, so set about teaching myself how to build one.  In the beginning  I was "borrowing" graphics from other sites to enhance the look of my site.  That was, until I received my first "HEY, YOU CAN'T USE THAT, IT'S COPYRIGHTED" letter.  I guess I have to admit I just assumed they would never find my little ole local site to even take notice that I was using their graphic.  I was very embarrassed, wrote a quick apology and then immediately took that graphic, and all other graphics I had "borrowed",  off of my site.  It looked pretty bare and unappealing.  I was quite depressed, after all that work I had an UGLY site!

I searched the internet, but the internet was pretty much in it's infancy.  There was so very little in the way of clipart back then, and no Real Estate specific clipart at all. 

I'd already invested a LOT of time learning the software (Microsoft FrontPage Beta Version) and in designing my site, and I knew that it would be a help to me in my Real Estate business.  I was darned if I was going to give it up, as my husband suggested.  I finally decided that If I wanted graphics to help me make a decent looking site, one that would get noticed, I was just going to have to make them myself.  I began surfing the net and reading about graphics, writing emails to graphic artists, and spent many an hour trying to convince my doubting non computer literate husband that:

 1. The hours I was spending on the internet really would eventually pay off and...
 2. That we needed to invest money in the software, hardware, and books I needed to get started.

I won't say it was easy convincing him, but we finally did come to an understanding, and I proceeded to spend the next 6 months learning and perfecting how to use the software and hardware I had purchased to make my own graphics.  If you're interested in possibly learning to do your own graphics, you're welcome to visit my Graphics Creation page on my other site, www.internetclipart.com.   I will tell you, my most valuable graphic making tool is my Wacom Art Tablet.  I couldn't live without it!  Just Click Here and my graphics help page will open in it's own window. 

After I finished my site, I was hooked on graphics, and no longer hooked on selling Real Estate.  I put my license on inactive status and kept creating and eventually the collection became Real Estate Clipart.com, which went live on the net in November of 1999.  Real Estate Clipart now offers over 3300 graphics, covering all areas of Real Estate (agents, lenders, home inspectors, pest control, insurance, commercial real estate, etc).  I try to add new graphics monthly so the collection will always offer something fresh and original to further enhance your websites and your email marketing campaigns.

The original intent was to support the site through advertising.  I discovered, however, that most those sites large enough to have an advertising budget wanted sites that had mega traffic.  Since my site caters to a smaller nitch market, advertising revenue wasn't there so I made the hard decision to change Real Estate Clipart into a subscription site in November of 2000.  That finally put an end to my husbands intermittent threats to pull the plug on me, since through memberships I could finally support the site and take him out to dinner once in awhile.

Real Estate Clipart still provides a collection of free graphics, as well as web design help pages for the do it yourselfer, website marketing advice, and good resource links to other helpful sites.  

Real Estate Clipart.com is also a great resource for web designers building websites for the online real estate community.  If your site is being designed by someone else, be sure you tell them about this site.  A ready supply of real estate graphics will save your designer time and, hopefully that will translate into saving you money as well as keeping your site fresh.

I do hope you find this site useful and visit often and that you'll enjoy the free graphics enough that you'll want to subscribe for access to the full collection.  If you can't subscribe right now, then be sure to bookmark this site and come back when you can.  Investment in your website is an investment in it's future success on the net!  

If you have any questions, feel free to write me at dustie@dustie.com   You're also welcome to give me a call.  My phone number is 479-876-9981

Don't forget to visit other clipart site, www.internetclipart.com, a visit.  It went on the net in June of 2000.  I needed a site to put non Real Estate related graphics, such as golfing, fishing, sports, animals, etc.  Internet Clipart has 22 different category collections, and is very useful when looking for a graphic to depict a golfing community, or a home that a fisherman or gardener might like.  So pop on over and pay it a visit.

Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope you find it very useful!  

It was great meeting you, and I wish you the 
best of success, both on and off the net!





My Neighborhood!


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