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Getting listed in Real Estate and City Directories 

Many Real Estate and City directories are free and some charge a fee.  Sometimes it costs a little money to get to where you are going.

However, when just starting out, there are so many free ways to market your site, I would certainly take advantage of all of the free directories before I started spending money.  In the process you will learn more about online marketing and getting noticed, so you'll be able to then spend your advertising dollars more wisely!

REMEMBER, WEB DESIGN IS A NEVER ENDING LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  That is as it should be.  It's not always the goal that give the most self satisfaction, but the journey itself.

TIP - read about all the links before you click on  one to better choose what you are needingEach link has a description of what the site has to offer.  Many are free to add you link, and others may cost.  The decision is yours if you want to pay, but be sure the site is a popular one.  If you don't know, then I'd avoid those that charge till you get more familiar with the online real estate community and which sites stand out.

-Excellent for getting your site found, as you can submit your site for rating and listing in their searchable directory for Free!  This site often shows up high in the links in all areas of Real Estate. They also have some great resources for REALTORS® and for the REALTORS® who are creating their own web.  Be prepared to spend many hours in IRED! You'll find it is time well spent! I list IRED twice on this site, but again, I think this site is important enough to list twice! And the owner and webmaster has been a wonderful help to me and this site!

RealestateABC - This is a site chalk full of information for Home buyers, Home sellers and REALTORS®  You can also submit your link.  It's a bit different though, then other online directories.   RealestateABC doesn't  link to every site added.  Only to the best sites in a given region. It does spell out what they are looking for in a good Real Estate site though, so it is educational to visit this site and shoot for achieving the standards they are looking for in a Real Estate site.  They also have WONDERFUL REALTOR® Resource pages, with a list and description of just about every Real Estate Directory type site that will take your link, whether for free for for pay.  

Another great feature for REALTORS® offered by RealEstateABC is their PRO Page program...If you have (or build) a site using Frames, in the frame column you can link to their ProPages and have instant content for buyers and sellers covering mortgage information, good articles on buyer and selling Real Estate, Calculators and much more.  They've done all the work for you and all you need to do is link and impress your visitors. They most likely won't know that they aren't your pages..and will be dutifully impressed.

RElibrary.com - You'll find this site along with the two above it also on the Resources page.  All three of these sites allow you to link and that's how you get found both locally and internationally.  Along with that perk, RElibrary, like a regular library, is full of articles and information that will be of great help to you and your website!

Real Estate Clipart -  Hey, that's this site!  Real Estate clipart will also link your site up at (www.realestateclipart.com/links.htm), if you become a member, so keep that in mind if you're considering joining.  It's my way of thanking my members for their support!  Sites like mine, and the three above, are important sites in the internet Real Estate space.  Google takes into account the type of sites you link from, and gives more weight to the sites that are established and have a good visitation rates, when coming up with search engine placement for website relevancy when someone does a search for Real Estate related terms.

REALTOR®.COM - If you are a REALTOR®, and since you're here, I figure that you probably are, then you already have membership in REALTOR®.Com and a homepage on their site.  You can add a link to your "real" website to your site on REALTOR®.Com.  They do have good articles and such though, to help you with your online marketing.

REALTOR®.COM.AU - REALTOR.Com moves down under to help the Australian Agents.  As a member you'll have access to many of REALTOR.Com's online marketing tools and links.  If you're in Australia, you might want to check them out!

The secret to showing up high in the search engines is to get as many sites linking back to yours as possible.  And not just any old sites...best to find sites that are real estate related, since the search engines have become pretty adept at spotting links that are relevant to the searches and quickly disregard link farm type pages (pages with nothing but links to other pages, many of which are often unrelated to the search terms).

Use the Search Engines! - 
TYPE  "Real Estate Directories" and "City Directories"  into a search engine and find as many directories as you can.  Also see if you can find Realtor Friends in other areas out of your competition location and exchange links.  The more links you have out on the net, the higher you're likely to show up in the search engines!

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