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RESOURCES to help you
both on and off the web!

This page is FULL of tips and links
to good sites to help you stand out
in a forest full of REALTORS.







As soon as your page is ready to be seen, start marketing it locally. This article gives you some good tips on the hows and whys of local marketing. 

Links to popular real estate directories with explanations of what they have to offer to help your site.


My local site, www.beautifulbellavista.com, shows up as number 1 in a google search of Bella Vista, Arkansas.  You might visit this site and get some ideas for additions to your own site! 


Dynamic Drive.com - A delightful site with some great java scripting to make your site look really professional!  You'll need to know how to insert code into your site, so if you do not, then skip this site.

Real Estate ABC - Great articles, tips, and resources, plus a directory to add your link to.

IRED.com - A site chalk full of valuable real estate information, and a must visit for everyone in the real estate profession!

HTML TUTORIAL - one of the best sites on the net to learn basic and more advanced html.  Even if you use a web editor, it's a good idea to learn some basic html. This site will help.

REALS.COM - A comprehensive Real Estate Directory".  A very good resource for anyone associated with the Real Estate Profession as well as a great resource for buyers and sellers!  

HUD's home buying guide, a helpful link for you to include on your site to help homebuyers.  Set the link to open in it's own window using the html code 

MORTGAGENCACULATORS - A good site to find mortgage calculators to help your buyers.

Dan's House Collection:  Daniel has spent hours doing nothing but searching the net for house graphics and have put them together on one site!   He's very careful about copyright and will tell you if the house are copyright free, or come from other sites.  If they do come from known sites he asks that you visit the sites and follow their copyright instructions (some don't allow their graphics to be used on commercial pages which is what a Real Estate site would be, so be careful and read their copyrights)..  



PsPrint.com - Real Estate Marketing Services Since 1990 PsPrint has provided companies in the real estate profession with quality, affordable printing. Customers receive products quickly with printing facilities on the East and West Coast.  Services include business cards, flyers, envelopes, letterhead, postcards, newsletters, custom mailing list and direct mail services.

Virtual Computer Coaching For Real Estate Agents

Desiree Savory (Big Mama) has it going on when it comes to helping Realtors get the most out of today's technology!  Check Her Out today!  I've put her here because she has an awesome page of Real Estate Resource links!

GOOGLE.COM - Google is much more then just a search engine.  Here Google offers Webmaster Tools which will help them help you make your site more Google friendly!  Every Realtor who has a website should count Google as their friend and as a super resource!

Google's Ad Revenue Program & Advertising Program for Websites

Google Adsense - If you have a website you'd like to run advertising on

Google Adwords - To advertise your site on popular local sites that run Google ads


And of course, the best resource of all...THIS SITE! If you've not subscribed for access to the large collection of original graphics and to receive the  monthly newsletter that will always have a tip or two that will help your site be the best, then you are missing a great resource.  

Changing graphics often shows visitors that your site is actively worked.  If you have a web designer who maintains your site, buy a subscription, give him the address and ask him to change your grahics from time to time, decorating for the season or the holidays, or just giving your site a fresh new look with a few new graphics!.!

I think this is the best investment you can make  in your site.  (Of course I could be partial.  Really though,  if I weren't the artist and webmaster, and were still selling  real estate and maintaining a website, I would join this site without hesitation.  Hope you will too.


If you use the free graphics, a link back to this site is requested.

You may not  use these graphics in another collection of 
clipart, either on or off the net, without permission of the copyright owner.

You may resize or recolor the graphics to fit your site but 
other alterations require permission of the webmaster.

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