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There is no doubt that search engines, such as Google and MSNsearch, are how the majority of people search the web. They type a few keywords, for example " New York City Real Estate" and a page full of links pops up.  That first page is about as far as anyone goes.  Usually within the first page of links they can find a good site that can give them the information they are wanting.  If they don't find it in that first page, they often head off from links that are in the sites that they did find in that first page... either way, the vast majority of users will never get past that first page of links.

So how do you show up in that first page of links?  FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT...have a good solid site with plenty of helpful information.  Would your site fulfill your needs if you were to plug in your target keywords?  Offer more then just a list of homes...offer what you would like to find in a site if you were moving to the area for the very first time!   Is yours the kind of site you'd be happy to find in a search of a totally new area?  If the answer is yes, then there's a good chance that your site will be found, and that other's will link to your site, and, most importantly, you'll be found by the search engines and placed high in their links!

This probably won't happen overnight however, but be consistent, always building quality into your site, always striving to make a more helpful site...and it will happen!

Another way is to get good quality websites to link back to yours.  Try offering something of value to other sites in exchange for a link back to your site.  Maybe you've taken some good images of your area and are willing to share them in exchange for links.   Or maybe you'd be willing to link to real estate mortgage sites in exchange for them providing a link to your site from theirs.

Remember when I said that the visitors, if they don't find what they are looking for on the first page of links will often follow links on the sites that they did find on that first page?  BE ONE OF THOSE LINKS!  Do a google engine search of your area and visit all the sites that are pulled back on that first, and possibly, second page of links.   Try to exchange links with the sites that show up!   Be honest, let them know that you found them in a search of the area, and that you are a REALTOR® in the area and would like to have a link on their site in exchange for a link back to theirs.

Be sure you pick good sites, and not "link farms", which are simply pages that have nothing but unexplained, and often unrelated, links.  The major search engines, such as Google,  take into account not only how many sites link back to yours, but also the the quality of those sites.  They figure if a lot of good sites link to yours then yours must be a good site.  If the linking sites have many of the same keywords as yours then it's probably a subject related site, a good site to link to and from.  Search engines want to send the best possible sites back to their users so they will continue to use their search engines.  So if your site is about Real Estate, and the search engine robots find 55  Real Estate related sites linking back to yours, then they figure you must be a good site, one that will satisfy the searcher.  Satisfied searchers will then come back for more searches! 

Google, the number one search engine on the net, became so because they have devoted all their time to finding the best way to come up with the best results to send back to the searcher!  And they do, too, which is why so many searchers have made Google their number one search engine!


One way to show up right away and not have to wait for your site to climb in the search engines is by "buying" keywords and becoming a "sponsored advertiser".  When someone does a search using those keywords, you have a chance to come up at the top or off to the side of the search page.  Do any type of search on Google, and at the very top and off to the side you will see "sponsored links".  It will not matter to many internet searchers if the links are sponsored or not..they will click them if they feel they are relevant!  

They are much more then a search engine these days!

Advertise through Google - Consider buying space on local websites in your area through the use of Google Adwords.  Check first to see if the high ranking sites in your area (the ones that show up on the first page when you do a search of your city) are running Google ads on their sites.  If they are, there's a very good chance you can get on those ads through the Google Adsense program.  Adsense allows  you to "purchase" particular keywords and/or phrases that, when searched, will cause your link to be pop up in the searches.  Considering the amount you could make from a single listing or buyer picked up through a sponsored ad.  Adwords WILL help you get your site found!  It's worth checking out!  A way to stretch your advertising budget and get your ads in front of those that really count!

Generate Google Revenue. If you have a website that receives a fair amount of traffic, then you may also want to check out the Google Adsense program and run Google Ads yourself.   This site runs Google Ads and I'm quite pleased with the results and the residual income from those ads is very welcome indeed!

Google Adsense allows you to control the sites that show up on your site, blocking direct competitors, while allowing non-competitive sites to show up.  You make so much per click  and since the targeted ads tied to your site's keywords encourage clicks, over a month's time this could be an appreciative amount, money you could then turn around and put back into running a successful Adsense campaign to help get your site noticed. 

Along the same lines, it could have some disadvantages also.  It could lead people off of your site as they check out the adsense ads.  Hopefully they will come back, but no guarantees.  You'll have to weigh whether the amount earned is worth the risk.  It just may be if the earned money is used to pay for Adwords to bring targeted traffic to your site.  A bit of experimentation and time maybe involved until you find what's right for your site.  

An excellent site to visit to learn more about Search Engines is The Search Engine Watch.  I still visit their site for help and to see what new has been learned.  There you will learn all about Meta Tags (Special behind the scenes keywords and content text embedded in your webpage HTML code), Search Engine Tips, an so much more!

My local website, www.beautifulbellavista.com, is the number one non sponsored link in a search of Bella Vista, Arkansas.  It took four years to get there, but I did it by following just what I've written here.   I know you can do the same... GOOD LUCK AND HOPE TO SEE YOU NUMBER ONE!!


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